Our Platforms

MobiMED was established to transform emerging medical technologies into advanced software solutions, ready for the medical industry. MobiMED can solve problems where other traditional management methods fail to meet the doctors’ expectations From Patient Care Management, Scheduling Appointments, Secure Messaging, Patient Records, Subscription, Accounting, HR/Payroll, Finance management and much more

XYZcircle is a platform gathering freelancers and connecting them to employers On XYZcircle, you can also socialize with others, exchange experiences and solutions. XYZcircle also contains an open source of knowledge where users can learn and improve upon their area of expertise

Arabie is an online platform where Arabic language students meet instructors despite the geographic barriers and learn the enriched knowledge from its native source So, no matter where the student is located in the world, by using Arabie he\she can simply meet an instructor from the other half of the globe